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seems like criticism is



seems like criticism is building

this kind of assasination / assasination attempt is of course highly illegal according to international law, especially under the guise of a humanitarian mission

it seems a member of gaddafis family was paid handsomely then given asylum to rat out gaddafis location

to call this a “nato” action is a smoke screen considering american taxpayers fund nato to the tune of five or six times what the other strong member nations contribute, ten or twenty times that of some of the smaller nations easily

also nato supreme commanders are almost always american since its inception

im trying to discover exactly what hillary clintons endgame is

how does she (or bill) choose which crises to intervene in, and which to ignore

why somalia, kosovo, libya?

what is her twisted agenda

when i discover it, i will experience an epiphany and ascend to a higher plane of conciousness

then i will drink a beer