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Looks to me like the family

Home Forums MMA Related Cesar Should Keep His Mouth Shut RE: Renzo / GSP Looks to me like the family



Looks to me like the family dynamics changed and Cesar did not get the memo. They don’t really talk at all to begin with so who cares. All I see is someone running his business and the other whining.

Renzo gave it some thought and decided meh.

It is not you I dislike but the crap you write and your reactions to contradiction. I am a fan of you as a person because you fit right in as a retard joke which is what this site is about. This place is for laughing at ridiculous situations it the MMA world and slapstick dick and fart jokes. Discussions can be had but your version of a discussion is saying something and then covering your ears and humming like a spoiled little bitch brat. Making retarded statements and not caring for counter arguments is left for the other MMA sites to handle.

You are the other ‘Subo’, you get the reactions which is fine. I will have my fun as you have yours.

Don’t be scarred, homie.