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i watched some of barry soetoros press conference today, and i briefly reviewed the scan of the long form certificate and relative pdf documents. while it is an interesting turn of events, it certainly is not the end of this investigation.

it is quite interesting, to say the least, that barry would suddenly release this information now. why now? because a wannabe presidential candidate, who stands less than zero chance of winning the republican nomination in 2012, has made some statements regarding barrys citizenship? curious.

and what of the document itself? should the american people be satisfied with a scan of a document that has yet to be verified by any independent agency, and most likely never will be? as the saying goes, “dont believe anything you see on the internet”.

if barry thought releasing a scan of a document and some pdf files would quash the american peoples doubts, he was wrong. only hours after the documents were released for our consideration, dozens of media and internet sources such as the smoking gun have voiced major doubts regarding its authenticity.

the fact is, a scan of an unverified document and some pdf files are hardly proof of anything, especially when youre dealing with a CIA asset like barry soetoro.