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I’ve often noticed that when

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I’ve often noticed that when people say inflammatory things, they have a nice little hustle that they do.

First you say something that will ensure pissing off a small but significant portion of your audience like, “We didn’t land on the moon”.

Then when someone rebuts the argument you say, “Whoa, why so defensive! Since you are so defensive, it must be true that we didn’t land on the moon.”. QED!

If on the other hand people ignore you, you say, “Since everyone is ignoring me, they can’t handle truth, therefore we didn’t land on the moon! QED!”.

After you do this a couple times in several arguments, and people tell you you are an asshole, you say “Since you resorted to an ad hominim attack, it is true we didn’t land on the moon. QED!”.

Then you win tonnes of friends and get laid a lot, because people love a winner.

It used to be that if you complained about cheaters and the refs didn’t catch it, you were considered a soccer player and somewhat less of a man.

I guess times have changed and that whining and whinging is considered the pinnacle of manhood.