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1) I’m laughing at you 2) My

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1) I’m laughing at you

2) My basement is only for the wood shop, the exercise room, the wine cellar and the occasional pet I have to babysit for friends and family. Doesn’t matter though because you will never see it.

3) Most chicks that would react to me differently because of my car I stay away from.

4) You seem to quantify shit via materialistic gains and not anything else. The “everything else” part you have non of. That includes common sense, dick size, personality and likability. You also seem to get a kick out of looking at other men’s hogs and talking down to anyone who even types to you.

In conclusion I think none of us give a shit who you are, what you have (or don’t have) but PLEASE for the love of God DO NOT stop trolling because you are seriously good at it. I will put up dick pictures every time you troll as a reward.