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OMG, Pheonetixs has me

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OMG, Pheonetixs has me crying. Man I am framing this thread.

I made a pretty good Photoshop today, one of my top 5 in my biased opinion. It took about 2 hours to do. It is of a marriage and Coker is the wife and Dana is the man, They are staring into each others eyes. There is Lorenzo as the priest. In the audience on one side you have Brock, Velasquez, GSP and Edgar (Brock is in a dress). On the other side is Overeem (also in a dress), Diaz and Melendez and Mayhem. Fedor is playing the organ. The best man on Dana’s side is a sikh and on Cokers side is Vadim. There are little Flower girls to the side and they are Kelli Hutcherson and Arianny (tits in the air). 3/4th of the pews are empty but all the way in the back row you see Paul Daley, Josh Barnett and the techno viking in his pointing upwards pose.

Because people have put some effort into making submissions and got laughed and shit on I decided to distribute it privately only and not as a submission. You wouldn’t have shipped to Canada anyways.