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a) it was funny because dana

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a) it was funny because dana and coker can act like children at times b) the contest said something about UFC and strikeforce coming together. wtf does that mean? it’s a stupid fucking idea. for realz no joke. very plain and all you could really do is do what cap did, or what you guys already did. not a whole lot to it. c) tell me one of those 6 year olds knows how to download photoshop, google a picture of dana and coker, drag it into photoshop, cut their heads out using the lasso tool, placing it on the kids heads, resizing it, going to file save as, choosing jpeg, clicking save to desktop, creating an account on photobucket, uploading the file from your desktop, click save, go to fightlinker, post new comment, input format, click the full html option, click on the little tree thing, go back to photobucket, copy the link thing, go back to fightlinker, paste it in that little box thing, click insert, wait for it to load for half a second and then clicking save and then wait for people to comment on the picture, then read clints mean words, then feel good because frick likes it, then post this comment where i give an in detail step by step on what a 6 year kid probably wouldn’t know because they still eat each others boogers and color inside the lines those pussies are too scared not too and the click save on this post, wait for people to comment, and then read those comments.

see you can’t name one kid can you.