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SO. Grandmama is in the



SO. Grandmama is in the house. She lives about 3 hours away so she comes up every few weeks and watches my boy for a couple of days instead of sending him to day care. So when that happens we set up our vaporizer out in the garage so we can dip out and get our toke on. We like weed. We were both out there last night around 10pm “getting the garbage ready for tomorrow” when my mom pops out there. She was going to her car parked in the driveway to find her phone so she was coming through the (detached) garage to get there. The wife had been puffing all day so the garage just reeked when you walk into it plus I was standing in the middle of the garage holding a big bag of vapors. We had two of the cars in there so I was behind the suv when she first came in. I stashed the vapor bag and started digging in the truck as if to look busy, we were also loading some things into the car for my wife to take to work the next day.

So my mom takes a few steps in and she seriously says, “Is there a skunk in here?”. Then we opened the garage door to let her check her car for her phone, which was in the house btw. Nothing else was said. All I can think is thank god we had vapors and not smoke or it would have been a different scenario. It’s sad I’m a grown man but still have to hide that from her. But I know if she knew her little boy was a “druggie” she would be devastated. Dodged another bullet!!