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made: in the platoon office

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made: in the platoon office with a bunch of people doing their thing, briefings going on and such..the usual bidness. then this awesome SFC starts reading off this list of people who haven’t paid for the new battalion t shirts yet. i know i’m on the list and he says my name, but there’s also another dude in the place with my same last name and rank. so i says, which one. he says my name, and i’m like thats me, and he goes, looking straight at me, tell him he needs to get me 15 dollars for the shirt. for shits and the giggles, i tell him “yeah i’ll tell that guy. i’ll find him and get his money, yup.” this is not the first time me and him have come in contact with each other. i have drove him in my humvee a few times before this…