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Here is a list of my disaster

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Here is a list of my disaster GF’s. This is the reason I hesitate before dating someone.

My first GF: Found dead floating in Lachine canal a few years back. Killed by her meth head BF.

Second GF: Was horribly disfigured in a car crash involving a drunk driver.

Third GF: She lived in Greece and lost a tit to breast cancer. Last I heard it had returned (the cancer, not the tit).

Fourth GF: She got married and had 2 kids. One died crib death and the other is acutely autistic.

Fifth GF: Mexican from Mexico. We got engaged but it didn’t work out. She is now married to my brother and we all live in the same house. Kinda sounds redneck now that I read it.

Latest GF: I warned her before dating about the history. She is a ‘Jesus is my saviour’ kinda person and laughed it off. Read This. She is still in hospital undergoing complete pelvis reconstruction. She also still has open wounds because she doesn’t have enough usable skin to graph back on (she is also VERY petite). They are stretching skin on her untouched thigh to eventually scrape off and graph. 500 fucking feet. 500 feet is a little more than one and a half football fields. Her friend has mild brain damage caused by brain swelling. (no more attention span and speech impediment)

PS: The guy was let out on bail 3 fucking days later. Last week he was involved in a car accident. DUI again.