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I’ll admit it, I’d tap

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I’ll admit it, I’d tap Cyborg. And if MMA is gonna be a naked sport, I might suddenly find myself more interested in WMMA.

Volds you might be onto something here, this idea would definitely change the the sport, and possibly for the better. Think about it, certain people would have to start competing in a more honest gender category. Maybe the ancient Greeks had a couple of Caster Semenyas in the ranks and the nude thing was a playing field leveler. Also, if this is gonna be a full on nude, no (protective) clothing of ANY kind affair, Cheik Kongo is gonna have a real hard time finding opponents. As is Nick Ring. And other people would just be banned outright from competition for obvious reasons (Tim Sylvia, Chris Tuchscherer…) In addition, nude competition would uncover the truff about Chael’s hypogonadism claims, and answer the question of whether or not GSP really needs to wear that ridiculous cup. Unfortunately, it would also have negative effects, since it would require that fighters like Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, Anthony Johnson, Nik Lentz, Phil Davis, Antonio McKee, etc. wear a condom when competing. This would obviously sap some of their desire, since wearing a rubber can sometimes kill the mood and make humping slightly less fun, and I think the last thing we need is to make any of these guys take longer to finish.