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^^^ I wouldn’t say that


^^^ I wouldn’t say that things are looking up around here. Things have slowed to a crawl compared to a year ago and the winter has been desolate around here. This week alone – Keith Jardine steps in for Kyle and is back with Zuffa, another inverted triangle is landed in Bellator, Couture announces his FINAL retirement will be in Toronto, Lesner and Dos Santos start the TUF series, Ricardo Alemdia retires, Fedor trains in Holland with Ernesto Hoost… AND NOT ONE PEEP ABOUT ANY OF IT ON THE SITE. How is that a good sign?

The new writers are keeping it together, but without any push from the chief the site seems like it’s treading water to keep afloat rather than swimming up stream. I love this place and I’m generally a postive person, but it’s hard to be optimistic when there’s so much MMA content going on everywhere but here.