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Its hard to come up with


Its hard to come up with fresh content day after day into eternity and beyond. I give Ryan credit, for sort of hanging with it this far. Not sure what happened to Jake. I stopped coming here because Subo was “producing” half the content, and when that is happening, the energy expended to push a few buttons on the keypad to get here could not be justified anymore.

Too bad the radio shows have reportedly stopped coming, they were pretty good (the Ryan and Jake ones, fuck you Subo).

Perhaps it is time for Ryan to move on if his passion/energy for the sport and/or writing has waned. Hopefully he can find talented (unSubolike) replacements in order to keep the site going.

And if it is due to poor health or a similar calamity, I hope you get well soon Ryan. Ive always enjoyed and appreciated you and your site. (except for Subo of course, fuck off Subo)