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I think it’s tailored more to

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G Funk

I think it’s tailored more to region. All my ads are local University of Miami Healthcare, hot Miami bitches and local propaganda.

Omo: lives in the mid-west where thumpers like to get their “date on”.

Thingvolds lives in a very gay community where his neighbor inspects his colon/prostate periodically (he’s over forty so its for medical reasons)

The Rev. lives where no is so everyone around wants to get the fuck out!

Jawsh, bumbkinville self-explanatory

Frick sees nothing but bronzing cream ads and tight juicy couture/ed hardy shirts with skinny jeans that have artsy stitching and bedazzling sparkles. And hair gel.

Butters sees farm veterinarian ads with cowboys superstore pop-ups that sell great cargo jeans.

Leti sees minute quickmix “pountine” with leMilk bags and crepe creme.

Penix sees error messages cause no one gives a fuck bout Korea.