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That’s kind of bullshit


That’s kind of bullshit though. Anyone can say that that they have the most amazing news in MMA if they aren’t going to back it up. If it’s news (i.e. not a RUMOUR/LIE) than they should be willing to publish it as journalists (or give it to someone who will).

This way they can just sit back, wait for something to happen and then claim that is what they were talking about all along.

Sounds like bullshit to me.

“I know something that will bring MMA to it’s knees with it’s sheer awesome power, but I can’t say it. I’ll just let it leak naturally and then say “I told you so” with absoutley no evidenc that I ever knew what was up in the first place”

ALSO – what ever happened to their exclusive rumour last week that KJ Noons beat up a few bouncers hospitalizing one. When Chris Leben crashes his truck it’s all over the news, however when an MMA fighter puts a bouncer in the hospital there is no news at all? It seems to me like 99% of the rumour mill is just lies masked as rumours to drum up hits. How many rumours actually turn out to be even SOMEWHAT factual?