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I’ll throw my Roger Huerta

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I’ll throw my Roger Huerta story out there too.

So I have some friends that got really into disc golfing. I tried it with them and it’s a fun free activity to do outdoors. Fags, I know. A couple of my buddies went on the pro circuit and hit up some tournaments and met a few other pros from my area, Minneapolis. So one weekend we all hook up for a round. One of the guys he met had his chiropractor (also a disc golfer and hella weed smoker) with him who sponsors him for tournaments. This guy/chiro was also Rogers chiropractor while he was attending Augsburg College here so he and a friend came out with the group to throw some discs. It was obvious they had never done it before.

Roger had a nice shiner on his eye. I picked up on some of the conversation and hear he just had a fight out in Cali where he stopped somebody and Big John McCarthy was reffing his bout. Hearing that made me think this dude may be legit. That’s when I started talking with him and let him know I was a big MMA fan. So he talked about his fight a little bit and how it went. He was super cool and really laid back. I only saw him drink beer, no weed fyi. He and his friend took off before we were finished but I got the hand shake/bro hug from Roger (no homo)and he seemed like a genuine good guy. Then I hear his chiro buddy talking about him trying to get into the UFC.

That’s where I kind of rolled my eyes a bit. I just can’t fathom some dude running around the park talking about fighting in the ufc so I was like, “yeah ok buddy!” and dismissed it.

Then a few months later Huerta shows up on the UFC scene and goes on a tear! I will say I was a pretty big fanboy after that and enjoyed his rise in the UFC.

That’s my closest encounter to MMA fame. Even before he had the fame.