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shogun shouldve backed out of

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shogun shouldve backed out of that fight long before it happened. you cant come in out of shape against a guy like jones.

coming of a surgery / layoff, shogun isnt himself. he was in awful shape for this fight. he was all fat and bloated, with a big belly. he gassed right away. in fact he managed to gas before the fight even started; he actually gassed in the open workouts for the fight.

i laughed when his brother said he was %100. thats nonsense. anyone could see he wasnt %100. ninja must be holding out hope for a ufc shot and doesnt want to upset the powers that be.

im not sure what the reason is why shogun takes these fights when hes clearly not going to be able to train enough to be ready. maybe he needs the money. maybe he feels the pressure from the ufc, who couldnt wait to get that belt around jones waist. maybe his knees are just shot and hes never going to be the same. whatever the reason, he should hang it up if thats the kinda shape hes going to be in to defend a fucking belt?