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Ok, now i’m getting annoyed

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Ok, now i’m getting annoyed by you Subo (I’m not like the rest of you, I normally like Subo). Stick to what you actually experienced (not talking about your cousins). Be more useful and go research some Strikeforce or something. You might need that knowledge soon.

Pride was something else. The product kicked as as a stand alone. There was something about the production, the never ending sea of fans in attendance at every show, the pin-drop silence of the crowd during intricate battles and the sometimes nostalgic match ups reminiscent of no holds bar and no weight class days of Vale Tudo. We were not so much invested into ‘who is the best of the best’ as much as we wanted interesting and entertaining fights. Some fighters made a good transition to a cage, some got lost in translation and some just flat out sucked or got too old. The PRIDE days we can call an ERA. The ERA of PRIDE is over and for those that did not live through it, the moment cannot be recaptured. I feel sorry for those that shit on a time that if back then they were solely UFC nut huggers they would have trumpeted their war heroe as being Tim Sylvia (my Sherdog account dates back to 2003).

I look at PRIDE and UFC as two different products and two different experiences. What’s the point anyhow?

Times change and the MMA of old is not the MMA of new. That goes for all organizations.

Sorry, I never get involved in this UFC vs PRIDE shit but I think some people are starting to miss the point.