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what I find amazing about Jones is that a lot of people see holes in his game, and say there are thing that he’s doing fundamentally wrong… but I think everything looks substantially different when you’re in the cage with him and his reach is keeping you from getting anywhere near a place where any flaws can be exploited.

Seriously… I think his last few fights speak for themselves… he’s outwrestled wrestlers, he’s outstruck strikers… and I was fuckin’ shocked to see him… a) try for a leglock against a Shogun… &… b) be the one to lock Shogun into the Thai-plum (albeit briefly)… he isn’t invincible and, given the way that the light-heavy belt is circulating faster than crabs in a swinger’s club, it’s a bit premature to start talking about eras… but rather than talking about how bad Shogun looked – or how many holes there appear to be in Jones’ game – it might be more prudent to be thinking about how dominant Jones was – and how terrible he made Shogun look… ’cause I’ve seen Rua lose before – but never I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so thoroughly dispatched.