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Okay……so I came back to



Okay……so I came back to post a pick of Mrs. Sausage Casings when I got a phone call from my wife. My beautiful, delicate, kind 7 yr old daughter was in school today & had a visit to the nurse. Apparently, my daughter accidentally hit the emotionally troubled FAT girl w/a pencil eraser on her arm. So the emotionally troubled FAT girl STABS MY FUCKING KID IN THE HAND W/A PEN!!!!! I’m not home yet so I assume it wasn’t more than a pin-prick. But what the mother fuck?! The fat girl’s (skinny) mom is always trying to get my wife to do playdates b/c her emotionally troubled fatass of a daughter can’t make friends on her own. I told my wife I don’t give a flying fuck about the fat loser or her mom. I don’t ever want to see my kids near her & I don’t care whose fat feelings get hurt. There’s enough fat people out there to match up w/other fatties. Stay away from my attractive, skinny kids. YOU FUCKING FAT PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!!!