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yup. living in your mom’s

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yup. living in your mom’s basement is really sticking it to the establishment

a great quote from an even better movie

“And so there I was. I was gonna go to Harvard. It was obvious. I was gonna be a lawyer and play in the God-damned system, and that was that. I was my old man. He knew, so what else could I do? I mean, there’s no future in anarchy; I mean let’s face it. But when I was into it, there was never a thought of the future. I mean we were certain the world was gonna end, but when it didn’t, I had to do something, so fuck it. I could always be a litigator in New York and piss the shit out of the judges. I mean that was me: a trouble maker of the future. The guy that was one of those guys that my parents so arrogantly saved the world for, so we could fuck it up. We can do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it. That was the final irony, I think.”

Steve-o from SLC Punk

a parallel from my own life is that at 22 I quit school for a year (this is why it took me 6 years to get my BA). I was sick and tired of paying money into a system that i assumed i would get very little out of. “The man” as it were, was going to make money off my sweat and hard work and i wasn’t going to make any kind of difference what-so-ever. At the time i was super into food co-ops and hemp clothing and peace and love and all that retarded bullshit (this was after i was disenfranchised with how conformist I perceived the whole punk movement was becoming, but i digress). sticking it to the system by living outside of it. then one day i looked around and saw that I had smelly clothes, unwashed hair (i miss all that hair), horrible tasting food and my precious ideals and not a whole lot else (and no means to gain anything else) I was mad about the world but had absolutely no possible way of changing it to my liking. FUCK THAT LIFE. I’m not dying some bitter crusty old fuck or some lonely old stoner

so i took my face off the bong, got my ass back in school and decided i was going to get into something that actually did make a difference. You may not realize it from your computer chair but those of us that control the dissemination of information collectively wield a great deal of power.

put that in your pipe and smoke it ya bum