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ruined: the word era. stop

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ruined: the word era. stop fucking using it. first it was the fuckin machida era which lasted about 2 fights or something and no other fighter had a chance against him at all until shogun knocked him the fuck out, then it was supposed to be the shogun era where he wasn’t ever going to lose again for a long time. goddamn people stop being retarded and nutting your load all the fuckin time, seriously for realz. yeah, right now, jones looks pretty bad ass being the new lhw champ and all but seriously, he’s gonna lose a lot sooner than you people(yeah i’m calling black people out) are making it seem. he’s not going on a 30 fight win streak.

ruin’t: wasn’t able to get mcdonalds today. FUCK.

made: have had a 3 day weekend 2 times in a row and rumors are this weekend is gonna be a 4 day fuck your mother bitches!