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Joe talks about halting the



Joe talks about halting the degradation of the human body, and how these treatments can slow the effects. He is not talking about using the treatment to get a performance enhancing effect.

Acceptance of a medical procedure is not the acceptance of illegal use for enhancement of physical ability, or recreation. You are making the assumption that Joe’s acceptance of his medical treatment, is acceptance of illegal use of the same drugs.

As for the “attitude towards a behavior”. Believing in modern medicine is hardly an attitude that can be condoned. Where would Shogun be without his knee reconstruction. Big Nog’s hips. Tito, and Nate’s NuVasive procedure for their backs. Twenty years ago any one of these problems would have meant the end of their careers. Accepting modern procedures to correct medical problems has allowed top athletes to compete where their 1980’s counter parts would be forced to retire.

The problem you may want to address is Doctor Shopping to get the procedure/drugs you want. That is the attitude that needs to change.
EX. Michael Jackson…….