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Pewnt I didn’t know you used

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Pewnt I didn’t know you used ignorance as a form of argument and arrogance as positive trait. Thanks for sharing. If you would be so kind as to clarify exactly what “my line of thinking” is.

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

I am trying to correlate the attitude towards a behavior and am not talking about the legality of it. The grey area is in reference to the different types of hormone therapies that are available. I am no expert so wanted to point out that this was not relevant.

With Joe’s pro usage arguments, every athlete should be able to use the above methods to better their bodies and enhance their athletic performances and not only to correct a serious medical issue. It is the attitude I want to talk about and not the usage itself.

Heroin is an opiate but an opiate is not necessarily heroin so no you would not be a heroin user. You are a heroin user if you use heroin. I am also glad they found a way to keep your mom not looking like a dad (then again that is an assumption and…).