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who the fuck are you



who the fuck are you leti?


Its about 12:00 at night, I’m really tired, so I just go straight to bed not locking any of my doors or putting on my security alarm. I wake up to hear a huge crash in the kitchen, like a falling plate or something. I get out of bed and lock my door because im sure theres robbers in the house. I look through the small crack under my door and my houses lights are all on. Then I hear tons of footsteps, and small whispers of 3-4 people in the other room. I go to call 911 on my cell, its DEAD. But then I remember about my home phone that I have set up on my computer desk, I pick up that, dial 911, hit call, and I just hear a ringing sound. They had cut my phone lines. At this point, im freaking out. I hide under my bed like the scardy cat I am, practically on the verge of craping my pants. Then i hear a twist on my door handle. Oh boy was I freaking scared. The door handle stopped twisting, and I hear a guy yell “HE’S IN HERE!” I went into panic mode. I think about all the wonderful times I’ve had in life. I think about my friends, my family, my gf. Tears start running down my cheek as I hear footsteps appraoching my door. I here the same man tell the others “Lets kick it down”. Large thuds of a kick continually crack my door. I sit there, under my bed, practically accepting death. Then it hits me: All my life, I’ve just been that pushover kinda guy. I was never some outstanding student, an amazing athlete, or the life of my friends. I’ve always just been “that guy” Well not this time, I think to myself. If I’m going down, im going to give these robbers hell. I squeeze myself out from under my bed, and start searching frantically for some type of weapon. Suddenly, I hear this huge crack on my door. The door is practically off the hinges, I knew that they had about 1-3 good kicks until that door was about to bust off the hinges. Im sifting through all this useless stuff in my drawers and on my floor, when there I see it. A freakin BASEBALL BAT that I had randomly laying on my floor under tons of dirty clothes. I picked up the bat, and gave it a swing in the air. I decide that Im going to get the upper hand and burst through my door, and swing for my life. with a baseball bat gripped in my hand, I open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.