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Coker will stay on for now,

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Coker will stay on for now, but as Josh Gross says is that once the Showtime is up Strikeforce may fold like WEC. I think really if that word is spreading right now it may be more of a posturing against Showtime incase they wanna start to make things difficult for Zuffa to move forward with the Showtime contract. Also to show them that Zuffa isn’t afraid to walk away (Bluff or not).

On a side note I thought it was really interesting to hear that Dana says that no-one from Zuffa has approached Showtime at all. And even though in all likelyness showtime has been aproached, it’s only be Strikeforce brass and they weren’t included in talks with Zuffa directly. It was a little show into how much Showtime was really calling the shots behind the scenes at Strikeforce. Maybe not as much as we all were saying they were.