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this is pretty much the same

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this is pretty much the same guitar i scored last night for next to nothing.

it was donated by a collector for an auction to benefit the family of a soldier killed in afghanistan. amazingly, few people were interested in it at all. i heard about it and came prepared with a little cube amp, magnifying glass, etc. after seeing the condition it was in, i was sure it would go for upwards of $5000. not even close, some ladys old wedding dress went for more than this guitar, lol. i actually felt so guilty winning the auction at such a low price, that i kicked them down an extra $250 donation.

to top it off, the deceased soldiers wife was smoking hot. being the classy guy i am, i would never hit on her so soon or at a function like that. but her whole family was there, and her younger sister was really into me. i guess she saw me playing and examining the guitar and her little pink panties got all wet, bc she came up to me afterward to thank me personally. i told her my pleasure, im sorry about your loss. if you ever have an event like this, let me know, heres my number etc etc. my guess is she calls tonight and shes in my bed this weekend.

sorry to go on and on about myself like this. but like i said, i had a day / night of monumental proportions, and i want to be able to look back at this thread years from now with fond recollection.