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What frick is saying is he is

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What frick is saying is he is a lazy bum that sits on his ass all day and plays videogames while his wife makes all the important decisions around the house. He also makes illusion that he doesn’t have enough backbone to stand up to her when he knows she is making a crucial bad judgment call. In conclusion, he prefers putting the blame on others for his short comings. He obviously had the fore vision to see problems in advance yet does nothing to prevent them from materializing. Frick demonstrates a clear lack of priority in his life because instead of putting off his video game console repair to cover the cost of fixing his shortcomings, he chooses to put the family in a bind so that he can go back to being a lazy bag o nothing on the couch.


Sounds like me except for the pussy whipped part and the video games 😛 Love ya Frick in a non homo or Omo way.