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I was pissed that people who

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I was pissed that people who regularly type shit, fuck, piss, penis on here were looking at a post with chicks in wet bathing suits and were upset that I put a picture of a kangaroo penis in that post. I am pretty sure they were more worried that it would have confirmed their co-workers already strong suspicion that they are into bestiality.

I removed the make believe Kangaroo vagina pic above. It was the picture of a Kangaroo pouch up close. I wrote vagina to show that just because you read it is a sex organ, does not mean it is. Here is a harmless orange peel below.

I will never put human pornagraphy on this site. If however your boss would be upset that an ubscure picture of something that was only recognized as an animal reproductive organ because I said it was, then I doubt you should be looking at anything remotely close to a site resembling Fightlinker, even less a post with over a dozen pictures of big breasted nearly naked wet girls.