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Funny you should mention a 10-7 round seeing as the guy who made bj go back to welterweight got 10-7’d in his last title defense…that also went to a draw.


I score the 2nd round 10-10 due to the fight mainly taking place on the ground were one fighter got a takedown, effectively grappled to back mount and attempted a sub and the other fighter defended the submission attack, reversed positioin and then began striking while still on the ground.

10-10 = subtantial offense of equal to adequate value from both competitors or very little to very negligible offense from both fighters.

Scoriing the round for Fitch because he was on the offensive/in dominant position for the last minute of the round is defensible, but it is of the same mindset that gives rounds to fighters for shooting for takedowns after the 10 second clap to steal the round in the eyes of the judges.

Getting tooled at the begining of a round, surviving and then making a comeback makes the round even imo. I still have Fitch winning the fight, but only due the 10-8 in the 3rd, that is the only round he clearly won as far as i’m concerned.