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I’m only a hater of B.J.. Do

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I’m only a hater of B.J.. Do to the above reasons and that the only UFC I’ve EVER been to was UFC 94 where BJ QUIT against GSP. B.J. was such a let-down considering the EPIC amount of hype behind that fight, with the introduction of UFC PRIMETIME. Everyone in attendence was so pissed that he did not come out for the 5rd. Even BJ’s own Fans were in disbelief. I Know of NO ONE in recent times WHO has QUIT AT THAT LEVEL IN THE GAME besides BOWLES, Who recieves NO LOVE.

Selective Cognition? is why I CAPITALIZE certain words.  Im trying to help convey my views and Opinion while dealing with my horrible grammer/spelling. Plus I’m a Talker not a typer so I try to Express my Emotions with a non-standard why of typing.

WOW GlassJAW I must of HIT a Cord with you. I forgot that B.J helped Nurse You back to life after that whole Sex change thing went BAD. BTW Nothing’s “BEYOND DEBATE” with ME there is always different perspectives to be explored and analyzed. JAW wasnt I just reading about how your some KING troll at Bloody Elbow? if not im sorry

So…. I Still has some respect for B.J. I just hate how WHOLE weight classes are put on hold, So that this BIG name can fight for a belt he Doesnt deserve. (Lesner, BJ, Shogun, Hendo…)      It’s ALL about the Narrative=$$$.