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Round 1 = 10-9 Penn Round 2 =

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Round 1 = 10-9 Penn

Round 2 = 10-10

Round 3 = 10-8 Fitch

Fitch wins it 29-28

And this is coming from a BJ fan, he was doing good for a round and a half but his already taxing grappling gameplan stopped paying dividens because he let Fitch hit him so many times.

Doesn’t matter how good your cardio and conditioning is having a guy lean his body weight into you whilst he punches and elbows you will begin to take its toll. And even though Fitch just wailed on BJ while in his guard, his Sonnen impression worked.


Prolonged one sided offense for over half of a round = 10-8 round as far as I’m concerned.


As a Penn fan it pains me to type this, but I have to be honest.


I also find it hilarious that the greatest lightweight in the history of the sport goes to a highly competitive draw with the #2 welterweight in the sport….and he is seen as a loser who should consider retirement.


Other than GSP who could do what BJ did to Fitch last saturday?