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Why are there so many B.J.

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Why are there so many B.J. nut huggers. HE’s A Jiu-Jitsu ACE WHO NEVER USE’s Jiu-Jitsu. Then he’s like a little child. If he Wins “I’m the best in the world”, if he loses he has 101 excuses why he LOST. FUCK THAT. He’s almost never earned what he has. The UFC has Handed him it all to him BECAUSE he’s B.J. and he’s been around longer then most of you have known what MMA is. THEN YOU fuck’s eat his DICK. (instant title shot 2 or 3 times now)

You all still supporting him after he GASSES (AGAIN!!!!). If it was ANYONE else you would all want him Lynched.and kicked out of the UFC

HE GASES OUT AT 170 EVERYTIME and you all still want more. COME ON.

You are all Brainwashed. Lost in your own Personalized Reality

I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR B.J. after his second GSP fight. Remember Greasegate? Remember the “He Quit” BULLSHIT  “GSPvBJ 1”   B.J. was Spewing before that fight. THEN B.J. QUITS!rd4!!   Dude is Childish