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Rivera spent all that time

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Rivera spent all that time shit-stirring, and Bisping came out swearing at him and acting like he was going to try to HURT him, which entirely goes against the way Bisping fights. by that logic, doesn’t that mean that rivera got in his head? I mean sure, he didn’t say anything, but you really think that any fighter, let alone Rivera, is nervous about fighting him? what’s going to happen, he’s going to get jabbed while bisping runs backwards? Rivera did this in hopes of getting Bisping to come right at him and hopefully that happened, because that’s Rivera’s fight, or maybe Bisping will learn to start fighting like a man and we’ll be able to bear his fights finally

also for him to get ‘kanged’ he’d probably have to be like Denis Kang and fail to ever meet his potential and gas in the second round of every fight. Rivera is the right fighter to beat bisping – lots of heart, goes for the kill. Ie. he’ll fight like wandy SHOULD HAVE

my only fear is that instead of training he’s been busy making those videos, but man have they made me laugh and I’d be very sad to see it never happen in the future, imaginative smack talk is rare.