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there was a moment when I thought FL would never make it back online, very dark time in my life. I wrote a few poems when the site was down. I thought it would be appropriate to share on this thread since I highjacked it.

Fightlinker broke
it is weed that i smoke
and subo’s sister i poke
with my dick


Ryans body is an angel
I wish he was a playgirl
He shoved fightlinker in his ass
As any good Canadian would do
Now if only Jake would come back
And cum on subo’s back


cut my life into pieces
this is my last resort
suffocation no breathing
don’t give a fuck if i cut my arm bleeding

I also wrote a letter addressed to the internet as well, wondering what happened to fightlinker….

Dear Internet,

It’s been about 2 minutes sense fightlinker went down. I’ve already prepped my suicide station, noose, chair…so when is FL coming back? Did you cancel it? Is it because subo has a small dick? We all know it’s because he’s a ginger anyway that stupid bitch. Don’t cancel it like you did Firefly, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau haven’t been the same since. Where will I post retard porn and girls with banana’s in their coochies? Where will I post pictures of men’s taints? Don’t you realize these guys need me in their internet lives? WIthout me they will get no pleasure and no masturbation material. They’ll end up fucking their wives without FL like fags.

Please, restore fightlinker!!!

Love, Hugs and Taints,