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I just wish “matter of fact”

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I just wish “matter of fact” type people would recognize that the mainstream sport of MMA is too young, and has changed too quickly for anyone to be considered “the greatest.” In 1995 I was 15 and for my older bro’s bachelor party I rented all of the UFC VHS’s that were out. With a room filled with 19-22 year old dudes the general consensus was “What the fuck is this?” Most of the dudes there were Marines. Can you imagine a room filled with 19-22 year old Marines today, and none of them knowing what MMA was? I can’t. That was 16 years ago. No sport in the history of America has grown as quickly, or changed as much as MMA has.

The other dimension to MMA is…….luck. There is not one fighter on the planet that can say they don’t need luck on their side. I’m not saying Fedor was lucky, I’m not saying Cain V. is lucky, and I’m not saying Overeem is lucky. I’m saying there is an element to MMA that includes luck for every fighter.

Let’s enjoy great fights for what they are, and great fighters for who they are. It’s not time to get out the microscope, it’s not time to implement a BCS style computer ranking system. It’s a fucking fight, and anything can happen. Maybe in another 30 years we can look back and start the debate. It’s too fucking early people.