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shill: How about the Silvia

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shill: How about the Silvia fight. People laugh it off that Timmay sucks but truth is he was coming off a loss fighting for the UFC belt where he was whipping Nogs ass and then all of a sudden got subbed. And Fedor demolished. Impressively. Like it or not Tim was at the top of the UFC at the time and had been there for a while.

The real argument here is Frank Mir v. Fedor. What did you see from Mir that makes you think he could hold Fedor’s jock? He crumples when hit and any one with sub defense can nullify him. He only recently dedicated himself after getting embarrassed. From what I’ve seen Fedor crushes Mir 99 out of 100. I try not to nut hug and look at things realistically. Mir has an inflated value.