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two things that seriously piss me off

subo saying this “He was the last one, G – the last #1 fighter to elude Zuffa’s grasp. It happened, and it’s never going to happen again”

if overeem wins the GP over Werdum, Bigfoot and Barnett he will have the right to immediately jump ship and get a title shot in the UFC. this is an indisputable fact. if someone isn’t at least in the argument for #1 fighter they could not possibly afford that right. Now let”s say that Alistair beats those 3, doesn’t jump ship and then rattles of wins against Kharitonov, Fedor and Del Rosario all before claiming the 2012 K1 GP title. While this is happening, Brock has beaten JDS and then Cain for then belt before losing to either one in the ensuing rematch. that would mean that Overeem would be on a 12 fight win streak (15 if you don’t count the NC against cro cop) hadn’t lost in 5 years, claimed 2 belts 3 GP’s and defended his SF belt 4 times. (a CRAZY good resume) all while none of the UFC’s best have more than a 2 fight win streak. I’m not saying this will ever happen. I’m just saying it’s foolish to discount the possibility that something like this ever could


@ Rod/HYHYPT – “If you weren’t around for Fedor/Crocop, there’s no hope for you. Nothing since has come close to feeling as epic as that fight. I’m not sure anything can.” –

this kind of bullshit logic reeks of elitism. it’s like you’re saying “you’ll never be as big of a fan as i am because i was around first” or “you’ll never know what i know because i knew it first” FUCK YOU dude, just because your mommy let you watch some bad men beat on each other when you were 10 does not mean that you’re somehow more mma enlightened than the rest of us. Granted I will never have that particular moment in time to reflect upon, but the reason that it was bigger in your little mind was because FOR YOU it held more sway. any other objective observer who was around for that could just as easily say that GSP-Silva or Overeem-Lesnar would be bigger FOR THEM. you are not allow to speak for others in this manner, your opinion is shit