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Mike Chiappetta has a great article on mmafighting, where he makes some great points. i really like this one in paticular:
“This sport is too textured and complex to avoid losing, yet he went 29 fights between losses. That’s practically obscene. It’s like MMA’s equivalent of the Miami Dolphins’ perfect season.
Randy Couture’s longest unbeaten streak? Four. Chuck Liddell? Ten. Anderson Silva? Fourteen. Those are three of the most decorated and respected fighters of all time and their longest combined unbeaten streak equals 28 fights, or one less than Fedor by himself.”

We can argue about strength of schedule til the end of time, but the main point to take away is that he had some amazing accomplishments in his career. he will go down as a lengend. we are lucky as fans to be seeing the legends of the sport that will be remembered forever. their days fighting only last so long, such as any other athlete, but what they achieved will go on. it is going to be sad to see fedor move away from MMA, but as yeah right said everyone gets old, and for fedor his time to step away is now.