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yeah, but it isn’t his

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yeah, but it isn’t his jiujitsu, it’s his rubber limbs. his jitsbilities are so good because HE’S SO GOOD AT JIUJITSU. body mechanics/geometry affect everything, that’s like saying ‘well jones has a high iq so that affects his jiujitsu so IQ is a part of jiujitsu because yo have to think to do it’. it’s a stupid argument, it has nothing to do with the topic. G.Sots rubberman abilities are great, but he’s not amazing at jiujitsu because he’s flexible. he’s amazing at jiujitsu AND he’s flexible

‘if jones beats rua i’m on board’ well there’s a huge claim, and if he did win i really doubt it would be through using jiujitsu against a black belt

Phil Davis’ choke that he used on tim boetsch, the weird bully-style one, is the one I was referring to. Not the one he pulled on Gustaffason or whatever his name is

also Daniel Roberts is another black-jits-man to watch, he’s pulled out some mean ones since getting KO’d by john howard