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How much you wanna bet seagal



How much you wanna bet seagal and silva are going to be in a movie together and this is there scam to build press …Not to mention Joe rogan blowing the kick out of puportion is totally ridiculous .I watched Amir vs phil baroni last night old footage and he nailed Baroni atleast 100 times with this secret white belt first kick you learn including many to the face ..Seagal is no fucking hero he is like the Shawn tompkins of mma both probally came from Mc dojo ..I wanna see a gang of midgets double leg kick seagal a full out drop kick then say to him i learned that from a rare breed of monkeys in africa 35 years ago i would show you but the monkeys wont allow it cause its that good. ROFL . I am gonna post one of our training vid`s from Wado Kai that shows you this front kick over and over and over again lol . Maybe Seagal bought the video …