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As you eskimos huddle in your

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G Funk

As you eskimos huddle in your igloos, I’m currently preparing to begin my workout thats going to take place outside and I’m wearing a tank-top and shorts. I might fire up the grill afterwards for some back-yard BBQ and maybe cap the evening off with the only thing thats cold in my house, a brew… with a zmoke, of coarse as I relax on my porch.

I’m trying to decide whether I should do some yard work tommorrow or stroll down Las Olas to A1A Beach front avenue to refresh my eyes with the sight of beautiful women in scantily clad threads with a cold alcoholic beverage. Or I can go to my inlaws house a bit inland and ride my 4-wheeler and dirtbike around the woods with my dogs… What to do, what, to, do?