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ruined: why do people talk to me about videogames? I don’t give a fuck about your kill streak or new hiding spot you found…I don’t play black ops and why did you start talking about it? I was talking about bitches/masturbation/bleached assholes so I don’t know how black ops came up in the conversation. everytime run into this guy the first words out his fucking mouth is something about what he did on his black ops binge.

ruined part 2: why are people so godawful fat? this dude must have been 500 pounds or something…wearing a vertical striped shirt to slim his whaled figure…so the band we were watching started playing metallica, and him and this ugly bitch rachel got up and started slow dancing, spinning around and shit like fucking morons. i wanted to leg kick him so fucking bad and just make his stupid ugly face go away and skull fuck rachel’s ugly white raccooned eyed face into little nuggets of hate. i wish i had video of this shit. it was fucking retarded. who fucking slow dances to METALLICA!!! WTF! people are fucking retarded. rachel is fucking ugly and stop singing you stupid bitch. you are fat and ugly and i hope you get raped by that fat piece of shit whale monster, walrus sized head motherfucker.