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Hammil was a younger version

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Hammil was a younger version of V-Mat, Bader is a younger version of Hammil. They are all cut from the same slow, strong, rudemenatry boxing, power wrestling cloth, Ryan is just the younger, more explosive but less experienced version.


Baders best chance is to stick to fundementals in regards to his striking and wait for an opening when Bones throws something wild and to stop takedowns or create scrambles/get back up if taken down.

I am interested to see how both of these guys react to getting hit and fighting of their back. Jones has the edge due to his killer instinct and finishing ability, but how he fares against Bader in the first round will be the deciding factor.

Unlike Rod who disappears after bad picks due to him being alergic to eating crow I will pick Bones, but I think it will be his most challenging win as opposed to another buzzsaw performance.

Someone who can land hard shots while defending those crazy greco/judo hybrid throws will give JJ his first real L. Please beleive.