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ruined/baffled: I was at the IU South Bend gym this afternoon running on the track and got called a racist/white boy/nigger (seriously) by 4 black chicks.

They were standing on the concourse and kept yelling at me when i’d run by (stupid unimaginative shit like “run forrest”) so i finally stopped and not so casually told them to shut the fuck up people are trying to work out.

Dumb bitch called me a nigger so i reminded her that SOME OF US have to work out on a regular basis because we weren’t selectively bred for 400 years while in captivity and therefore have superior genetics.

apparently, facts and history fucked with their dumb whore minds because they immediately began screaming hysterically and throwing bottles of mountain dew all over me and the track

after attempting to calm down 4 hysterical women by explaining that calling me a racist for knowing about history would be like a jew calling me a racist for remembering that their was a holocaust. campus security arrived and had ME removed from the premises for instigating them. fucking bullshit

I work for IU and fear for my job because dumb whore faces don’t know how to not be dumb whore faces