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1. First name, city, and

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1. First name, city, and age?
Matt, OH, 30

2. The first site you visit when you go online?

3. Ever banged a girl that weighed over 160?
I’m a virgin.

4. Pay or pirate?
Pirate for the most part….pay on occasion.

5. Favorite and least fave Jackal?
I’d say my favorite would be a tie between Subo and Frickshun because they remind me of each other. Least favorite…’s close between Ryan and Jake….but I think Jake takes it.

6. Phobias?
Showing up to a black tie event in khakis.

7. Do you feel guilty about finding Tourette’s Syndrome amusing?
Fuck no. I say celebrate those crazy fucks!

8. How long since you last got laid?
I’m a virgin.

9. Favorite ring girl?
The chick with the ass that jiggles.

10. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a douchenozzle is Bruce Buffer?
1….Brucey is the cat’s pajamas.

11. Pride Rules in the UFC? If only some, which ones?
Soccer kicks and cards should be added to the UFC rules.

12. Steroids. Give a shit if fighters use them?
I hate steroids. Fighters should be tested weekly.

13. Your dream commentary team?
Me, Frickshun, Fivebolt and Mean Gene.

14. Favorite MMA event of all time?

15. Interested in Women’s MMA?
Yes please.

16. If you could punch anyone in the face with no repercussions, who would it be?
George Bush

17. Ever gotten your ass kicked?

18. What fighter do you want to see signed to the UFC?
Nick Diaz.

19. Lenne Hardt; legend, or shrill annoying bitch?
who cares.

20. What songs or movies make you cry like a woman?
Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

21. What are your feelings about subo?
I get kind of tingly….you know….in my no no place…..

22. Ever crapped your pants while farting?
Honestly, no. Hopefully before I’m 40.

23. Is there a God?
There’s no answer to that question.