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Fuck yes for Warthogs.  If

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Fuck yes for Warthogs.  If anyone remembers Ace Combay 4 for PS2, I always chose the A-10.  Sure you’re faster than me, but I have shit tons of armor, I fly low and I carry God’s wrath with me.  Come get yourself some.



Astronomers say that the star, Zeta Ophiuchi, was given the boot by its former companion, another massive star, sending it hurtling at a clip of 54,000 miles per hour through space dust.

During its space peregrination, the strong winds formed by the star’s movement have pushed gas and dust into what is called a bow shock. The material is so compressed that it glows with infrared light, making it visible to WISE. NASA likes the effect to what happens “when a boat speeds through water, pushing a wave in front of it.”