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1. Becky, Montreal, 21 2.

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1. Becky, Montreal, 21
2. Youjizz. Kidding, it’s gmail. Youjizz is a close second.
3. Haven’t hopped that fence yet. I’ll keep you posted.
4. Pay? I have breasts and a vagina.
5. Been a member for about ten minutes, give me a few more seconds to get my hate on.
6. The naked stomach of a pregnant woman.
7. I’m Irish and Scottish, guilt is an ever-present emotion for me.
8. Month or two.
9. All except the blonde hair, big boobed ones. What’s interesting about the ones who look like me?
10. Anyone who jumps like that is cool in my books.
11. Yellow cards. I love the sheer determination of a ref showing a card.
12. Not sure.
13. Because I enjoy testing the limits of my patience and sanity – Michael Schiavello, Josh Koscheck and Bas Rutten.
14. Aldo vs. Faber
15. My estrogen is instructing me to say yes.
16. John Boehner. It’s high time I witness that crying up close.
17. Never been in a fight.
18. Marlon Sandro
19. Love her. Legend.
20. We’re restricting this question to songs and movies? What about letters, thoughtful gifts, and photos of animals?
21. Pending review.
22. No. Why what did you hear?
23. You’re going to hell for even suggesting his existence is in question.