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1. Don’t worry about it, 42,

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1. Don’t worry about it, 42, Orem, UT
2. Yahoo news(it’s my homepage)
3. 160? Pshawww I’m in the 200 club dawg.
4. Depends. UFC, usually hit a bar, so pay. Anything on showtime, pirate.
5. Don’t know any you brothahuggas, but I do enjoy the good Rev.
6. spiders, Chris hansen catching me, people finding too much out about me because of intronet surveys…
7. No.
8. Do goats count? 3 weeksish?
9. Prob Edith. I did like Logan and Rachelle alot too.
10. Not at all. Dude is awesome beyond belief. Don’t hassel the Buff.
11. Na the rules are fine. Just enforce them.
12. Steroids are for bitches. Not my biggest concern, but I do love it when roiders get caught and then say “Well eveybody does it”
13. Rogan, Rutten, Frye, and Florian or Bonnar. Or Couture.
14. EDIT: Pretty much any WEC event. Or Frye vs Shamrock or Chuck vs Tito (UFC 46? 50?) Also, UFC 100
15. Meh. I’ll watch when it’s on but I wouldn’t buy a ppv of females.
16. Oh no. Too many to list. Probably Oprah. Or Keith Olberman.
17. Sadly, many times. Just last Nov in fact.
18. Fedor, Reem, Gil Melendez, Dan Henderson,
19. Both? Mostly shrill annoying bitch.
20. None bitches. I’m a man. (Turner and Hooch, I fucking hate it when Hooch dies!)
21. I have no feelings for Subo. Sorry Subster, it was purely a physical thing.
22. Not while farting. Yet. But one time I did drive all the way home from work to poop cause I didn’t want to use the shitter at work because it was just one room with one toilet and a sink and the janitor had gone in right before me, and his shit really stinks, like I would have had to pyook whilst pooping, I caught one whiff when he opened the door and I couldn’t hang, so I drove home, and right as I was running up my steps the fury could no longer be contained and the slide slid right in my drawers. Needless to say I was gone longer than expected and had to make up a great story for why I took my lunch break at 9:30.
23. There better be. I don’t want to be doing all this righteous living for nothing.