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1.Jay, Seattle, 21 years

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1.Jay, Seattle, 21 years old
2.My school email, fightlinker, gmail
3.nah cant say i have
4.little bit of both, depending on what it is though some people sometimes, dont like em others. i dont like to start shit online, because i just dont see the point. just like to talk about fights
6.heights, flying sometimes its hilarious
8.2 days ago
9.logan stanton
10.couldnt tell ya but i do like his intros. if hes a douche then so be it
11.knees to downed opponents, yellow cards, soccer kicks are sick too
12.i do care, but honestly not that much
13.joe, don frye, and schiavello. i do enjoy him. nick diaz would probably be entertaining as shit too
14.i cant say i have a hands down favorite
15.girls can fight too and it can be entertaining. i like it and wish people wouldnt write it off so quick just because they are girls
16.ive got my list, and a few of them have already got it
17.yup it happens
18.diaz, overeem
19.i wouldnt say either of the options, but i enjoy her a lot
20.the remake of nightmare on elm street because it made me upset that i actually watched half of it. so frustrating i may have shed a tear issue with the dude
22.of course. put my phone through the wash once after it happened. shitty